Mics, Lighting, More Cameras and a Lens

   The mics and light below are the secret to remarkable sound quality and excellent lighting with value and simplicity in mind.  Not the least expensive, but not over-the-top either.

   Please see DSLR Video Simplified for some more detailed info.

   And, of course, corsteiner@aol.com is your 24/7 open door.

Video Gear

Sony ECM-44B Lapel Mic

     The best value in a very high quality lapel mic for when recording in a controlled environment.  The Rode Mic will do it all, but this wins for single-person recording without much movement.

     No one should have to go through life with just one mic.

     Will require the Kopul Studio Elite 4000 and LMT100 Cables.

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Rode VideoMic Pro Plus

   The High Pass Filter is often set to 75 with the Gain Control usually at +20 (adjusting the in-camera levels accordingly low).

   The High Frequency Boost adds voice presence and the Safety function for unpredictable volume spikes (like at a loud concert, for example).

   Please see DSLR Video Simplified for more info.

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Genaray LED-7100T Lighting

     This light is a great thing.  You can get one that's nearly as good minus the temperature control, but it's so easy to subjectively adjust the white balance that's it's definitely worth it to spend a little extra (for significant benefit).  

     Mounting on a 2nd tripod is often preferred for better placement, but can be mounted on camera if using a lapel mic.

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Additional Options

Panasonic HC-V770

     The best value in camcorders when factoring in quality and ease of use.  For when you prefer to keep it super-simple and/or when recording times exceed 30 minutes (or 20+ just to play it safe).

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Canon 77D

   Very similar to the 80D.  Has no headphone input and worse battery life, but is smaller and has a newer processor.

   A really great  do-it-all camera and a very nice size for travel.

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Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera

   This camera is extremely nifty and portable; as long as you have an extra battery or two.  

   Many do like this for video, but I still prefer the handling of DSLR's.

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